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Past Life Regression

Quoting the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” This holds true in every aspect of our life. When we go to a doctor, he runs us through our medical history to see if it may be linked to our present issue. In this very same way, a Past Life Regression therapist takes us on a stroll through our past life and meanders through our memories that have been stored  in our subconscious mind to see if it may be connected to any physical, mental or emotional crisis that we are dealing with. 

It is a healing modality which caters to the holistic approach of healing our mind-body-soul and helps us resolve issues, from illness to relationships, to calmness and peace. Ubiquitously known as PLR, this therapy is an induction of a hypnotic reviere. It is a very safe and comfortable process but should be done by a trained therapist who has an in-depth know how of the process. This is where I am happy to announce my services to you as a therapist. I am Muntaha, a trained and experienced PLR therapist who will walk you through your memories of the past life and throw light on the reasons and whereabouts of the origin of the present situation. I can help you only when you are open to the concept and if you put your faith in me. To clear some air about the myths pertaining to the process I would like to tell you a little about the therapy so that you can see right through the reality.

The literary meaning of the word Regression is ‘going back in time’. Everytime we think of any incident from the past, something as simple as thinking of the last conversation you had with a client, is a Regression. We are scrolling through our memories and Regressing back to the time when we had that discussion with the client. We do Regression in our everyday life but the insertion of tools and techniques in the process of Regression and the concept of ‘afterlife’, is something that we find hard to come to terms with. In a PLR session we are not scrolling through the memories stored in our conscious mind. Here, we are scrolling through the memories stored in our subconscious mind. 

This therapy dates back to the time of Dr. Brian Weiss, a famous American psychiatrist, who wrote the amazing and famous series of books, namely- Many Lives, Many Masters; Only Love Is Real; Same Soul, Many Bodies; Mirrors of Time. In these pieces of literature, he documented  the various incidents that his patients had described or spoken of, during their hypnosis session. The incidents they spoke about, bore no resemblance to their present life.When Dr. Weiss couldn’t relate the incidents described, to the patients’ current situation, he dug deeper. He realised that they were not delusions. It all made sense when the concept of past life was applied. Dr. Weiss, on further investigation found out that the places or people described by the patients, actually existed in some time space. Various other scientific research and studies also confirm the concept of past life.

Past Life Regression circles around the concept that our thoughts and feelings are the root cause of all the disease and if we consciously do not live an emotion fully, it will keep coming back to us until it is fully lived. In the PLR sessions, we make you relive those emotions so that you are free of it, once the session is over. We use an individual approach for every client, sticking to the core principles and practices of Regression. The patient is first made to feel at ease. This lays down the road to a peaceful and pleasant experience and an open mind. With your eyes closed, you’ll be guided to a state of trance, often through guided imagery and soft, evenly modulated conversation. This helps to bring out the images from your subconscious mind.. that’s images from your past life. I will scan through your memories to access those memories that are related to your present scenario and issue. This walk through your past, takes nearly half of the session time. The next half is devoted to heal you from the negative aspects of those memories, emotions and physical traumas that might have occurred in your past life and are still daunting.


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