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Sound Healing

Tibetian Sound Therapy

No one can deny the healing and soothing power of sound. Be it the sound of wind gushing across the greens, or the sound of water flowing down the river, or the sweet chirping of the birds, or a baby’s innocent giggles..all these sounds just melts the heart and puts a smile across our lips, relieving us of stress. Stress is one of the major facilitators of the deadly microorganisms to reside and grow in our body. Something as simple as a sound can help us get rid of this stress. Sound is one of the most powerful media that can take our spirit and senses to different levels of consciousness. It can lift up moods, regenerate human cells, release stress and heal us in the most unique way. 

Tibetan Sound Healing is an age-old practice used by Buddhist monks for meditation, rituals, ceremonies and healing. With the advent of technology, it has reached every nook and corner of the world and helped 1000s of people heal and rejuvenate  their mind, body and soul. A bowl with incredible acoustic phenomenon is used to produce sweet sound along with soothing vibrations. These sounds along with the vibrations align the body’s energy and calms the mind. The 1st singing bowl is believed to have been used around 6000 years back. It was made of an alloy of various metals and its vibrations and sound stimulated the stress busting hormones and released toxicity from our body and mind. The Tibetan Singing Bowls got their name because of the music that afloats even after we have stopped playing on them. A wooden mallet or a striker is usually used to play sounds on the bowl. The sizes, shapes and construct of the singing bowls vary as different bowls are used to produce various vibrations for different parts of the body and for different issues.


Besides their traditional use for meditation, Tibetan singing bowls are used for deep relaxation and muscle regeneration, to relieve pain in the joints, muscles and shoulders, to ease pain related to sciatica, the digestive system, headaches and migraine or spine injuries, to improve circulation, release tensions or blockages, to open the energy flow, eliminate the 

toxins from the body. The sound with its vibrations can ease mental or emotional pain (low self-esteem, worries, fear, anger, anxiety, depression, insomnia). Tibetan singing bowls and their unique tones are used to stabilise blood pressure, to ease asthma related issues, to renew the functioning of the adrenal gland, to open and stabilise the meridians and to improve the synaptic responses in our brain. They also help children with hyperactive disorders and they stimulate the immune system

Scientific analyses of electromagnetic brain waves have revealed that Alpha waves are produced by the brain during meditation and other states of calmness and peace. Various scientific studies have also revealed that Alpha waves are produced by the Tibetan Singing Bowls. So when these bowls are played on they have a peaceful and healing impact on a person and give a deep sense of relaxation.

Even though the sound of singing bowls is very relaxing, we need a therapist or an expert to use these bowls to heal personalised issues. The alignment of the bowls, the make of the bowls, when and with what to play on the bowls..all these aspects are to be calculated and applied while using Tibetan Singing Bowls for the purpose of healing. Our therapist Muntaha, has specialised in Sound Healing Therapy. She has helped people heal and rejuvenate with this therapy. We look forward to serving you and rejuvenating you with positivity and bliss. Do pay us a visit and see yourself change


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