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Hypnosis, one of the oldest forms of psychotherapy is also the most misunderstood therapy. Movies and TV have been ridiculing it by presenting a fool’s vision of  the therapy which is otherwise a very helpful tool in healing people. A spate of research and study suggest clinicians Hypnotherapy as an option when treating patients. In 1958, the American Medical Association and in 1961, the American Psychiatric Association, approved hypnosis as a therapy as it has been  proved effective in innumerable cases. The British Medical Association published a policy statement in the mid 1950s announcing Hypnotherapy as a legitimate treatment in medicine and dentistry. With all the discussion for and against it, it is imperative that we know all about Hypnotherapy and Hypnotherapists.

Hypnotherapy is a therapy that induces a trance-like state through imagery guidance or modulated speeches in which the patient has intense concentration and focus on his thoughts and body.It helps the patient to de-clutter his mind of stresses and disruptions and hence he/she can focus on healing and resolution.Hypnosis is by definition self-hypnosis, that is, no one can be hypnotised against their will. It works in conjunction with contemporary medicines.

We do not need any gadgets or drugs for hypnosis. All we need is a person’s willingness and the practitioner's skill in guiding them to their hypnotic state. I am Muntaha, with a diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy from The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, approved by the British Psychological Society. I have been practising Hypnotherapy for quite sometime now. When you cannot get rid of any habit, or when something is stressing you out or when you have some other physical issues, I can help you heal with Hypnosis. Hypnosis is a very helpful tool in treating many types of issues like insomnia, phobias, anxiety, pain, depression, allergies , cancer, OCD, habits, health behaviour, IBS, eating disorders, exam stress, confidence, menopause, addiction, weight management, self and performance improvement, happiness, motivation, skin conditions, entertainment, etc.

The aim of Hypnotherapy is to make the mind focused on eliminating the distractions and hence it becomes more receptive to suggestions that can resolve the issues faced by the client. Such suggestive measures are very effective when it comes to leaving a habit like biting nails, smoking, drinking,etc. and to get rid of chronic pain, headaches, migraine.etc. Hypnosis has been found to be very helpful in slipping a patient to sedation, along with lesser dosage of sedatives and makes the recovery faster and less painful. 

Hypnosis helps to explore memories in the subconscious mind that are painful or scary. The conscious mind is not aware of these memories but can feel the repercussions of it. During hypnosis, the conscious mind is open to suggestions and hence it enables the person to block out or perceive a few things differently, like putting a throttle to the awareness of pain. 

Hypnotherapy can work wonders but it’s no Panacea or magic. It is a powerful healing therapy but only to a willing mind and heart. One has to switch to a healthy lifestyle to get the best results from it. And to help you achieve those results, I am just an appointment away. Please feel free to contact us and share your concerns with us. We encourage an environment where no one judges anyone. You may walk in with a heavy heart but you’ll definitely leave with a bright smile.


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